The present trend in schools show that Education is often forced upon kids. We are keen to bring about a change in the schooling techniques, enriching students with a more holistic subject knowledge.

In order to create a healthy and understanding environment, we started cBRAIN – an after-school programme for kids where they study and learn according to their mental capability, and where learning is not forced upon them. We instill a joyful method ensuring equity and love for a fully clarified fundamental knowledge on the subject among elementary learners through innovative, inclusive and participatory approach. We help children to learn according to their pace in an interactive manner with joy.

We believe in the 3 Es of Education – Exploring, Enquiring and Excelling! We make students learn, through experimentation using innovative techniques to visualize the entire subject (This is one way how studies can be fun). We endeavor discovering creative ways to spark curiosity through the inquiry process using tasks that are contextual, visual and concrete for the best output.